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Antarctic Navigation - Elizabeth Arthur


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AutorElizabeth Arthur
Anul Aparitiei2005
Format13 x 20 cm
Nr pagini798
Tip copertaNecartonata / Paperback
Stare produsFoarte buna


The dazzling landscape central to this multifaceted tale of adventure and aspiration is the white Antarctic vastness known as the Ice. The story told is of an expedition to the South Pole, led by a young, ardent American woman, Morgan Lamont - an expedition inspired and haunted by the tragic journey, eighty years before, of the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. For Morgan, Scott's life, his dream, his death, and the very concept of Antarctic navigation are obsessive emblems of the search for integrity in a morally precarious age. Freed by her mother's quixotic and frightening sacrifice and the generosity of a hitherto estranged grandfather, she sets out to fulfil her own dream - to vindicate Scott by recreating his historic polar expedition.


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Antarctic Navigation - Elizabeth Arthur

Antarctic Navigation - Elizabeth Arthur

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